MP3 of Radio Netherlands World Service 2004 broadcast on 'Six Ways to Vermeer'


A radio RNW broadcast interview with Anthony Bailey, Philip Steadman and Kees Kaldenbach, recorded in 2004. The programme is called 'Six Ways to Vermeer'

Here you will find the Vermeer radio MP3 file in high quality, 40MB in streaming audio. You will need a broadband internet connection.

The first voice you hear is that of Bailey, and Kaldenbach immediately follows with "The paint seems to explode off the wall".


Review of RNW Documentary: Six Ways to Vermeer

by Jackson Braider

"This is a really fascinating effort: three authorities, no narrator, all talking about a singular painter about whom we know almost nothing. Engaging, smart, enthusiastic commentators. The best bits are the intense descriptions of various paintings -- for example, the description of the pearl in "The Girl with the Pearl Earring." The program covers the gamut of Vermeer's art as well as the mystique surrounding Vermeer."

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